Cambridge report 2

Your reports: Form
Which one is correct?
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Your reports: Form
Which one is correct?

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Which one is correct?
the first with the paragraphs
the second with the letter form
the third with the headings

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So when are you going to take notes?

The following slide was shown last time:

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Several paragraphs with headings  
Skip lines between the paragraphs

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Comment on this opening:

Slide 8 - Open vraag

menace - threat: synonyms are used.
Contractions have been avoided

Be straightforward: The purpose of this report is ...
Formal language: avoid  words  like a few (some)  - also (additionally) - I would like to  (I intend to to) -  great (major) - I am getting quite worried (this development is a cause for concern)
Also: not logical here. Use therefore
Errors our future on this world; great threats

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Slide 10 - Open vraag

Without the first sentence this paragraph would be a great opening of the report.

Content: 'The Netherlands' should be mentioned
                    The first sentence is superfluous (not relevant to the task): leave it out and it's great!
Organisation: no 'hard returns' within a paragraph
                     Never start anything at all with 'Hello'. Use headings.
Register should be formal: avoid  words  like heartbroken (use an understatement: not positive)                - quite easy (manageable) - also (as well)                               
              avoid contractions
Language avoid repetition: environment is used twice (some solutions for these menaces).

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Comment on this paragraph:

Slide 12 - Open vraag

straightforward, no-nonsense
Avoid repetition state-state (describe, define, report, ...)
                                   maybe also threats - threats (use: 'them')

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comment on this middle paragraph

Slide 14 - Open vraag


Language: Great phrases (the most obvious one; a broad consensus, )

Use of passive (it is seen)

Organisation and register: Formal linking words (as, however)

Content: Don't talk about yourself (don't use I)  (Commencing with the most obvious one, ..)
Register: More formal words (seen-regarded; start-commence)
Language: Error (a broad consensus ON )

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comment on this middle paragraph

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Use of idiom (a hard nut to crack)
Formal linking words (as, however)
Use of passive (are tackled)

Be complete (Fighting pollution at a national level)
Errors (revolving - involving; on global scale - on a global scale/ at the global level)

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comment on this closing paragraph

Slide 18 - Open vraag

There is a title
All information must be relevant to the task (first sentence: this was the starting point, so nothing new. The rest: there is hardly any information, apart from the invitation to contact the writer. )
Be more formal:  less personal (avoid 'I', 'we', 'I think')  and use the passive (These issues can be solved)
Errors: 'want' requires a verb (want to have) / I have informed you enough

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Comment on this conclusion

Slide 20 - Open vraag

There is a title
It rounds off the report, mentioning its purpose
Be more formal:  I will be able to - I will be capable of 
Error: An if-sentence requires 'will': I will be able to ... if needed

Use of 'I':
In this case it is no problem: it's functional.

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Slide 22 - Open vraag

There is a title
There is a linking device (referring back to an earlier-mentioned item: 'this issue'.)

Content: A report should only list some facts (Who are 'we'? Who are 'you'?)
             Form:  Written like a letter, addressing people.
Language: use 'will' for the future: I hope you will understand ...

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Another possible conclusion: comments, please!

Slide 24 - Open vraag

There is a title
It is clear and succinct
Summarizing in this kind of report is quite effective
It closes with a stimulating remark

Use synonyms (improve - correct, enhance, lift, fortify)
Errors: -be consequent in using gerunds (reducing, improving)
            - preposition the threats OF our environment? (use to)
            - Use of definite article THE delta works (it is particular, not general) and OUR river banks

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Now check a classmate's report
-Use the checklist in Som
-If you work at home: check the work of the person who normally sits next to you (ask him/her to send it by email)
-If this is not available, choose a report attached in Som
-Learn from each other's strong and weak points

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