Lesson 14: Grammar word order and Punctuation

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Goals and planning
At the end of today you can explain word order and punctuation

  • Grammar Explanation
  • Instruction
  • Worktime
  • Wrap up and homework

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Word order (sheet)  and punctuation
Take notes

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While writing in English, it is important that you use punctuation correctly. Therefore, in preparation for your writing test, we are going to discuss the following types of punctuation:
- full stop (.)
- comma (,)
- colon (:)
- semicolon (;)
- apostrophe (') 
- exclamation mark (!)
- question mark (?) 

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Mind your punctuation!
Punctuation: a period
A period '.' > at the end of each sentence. 

Avoid stringing sentences on: 
Yesterday I went to school and there I studied English 
and I also saw my friends. 

Yesterday I went to school. There I studied English. 
I also saw my friends.

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Writing in English, focus on:
.     full stop ( at the end of a sentence)
,      comma (seperates clauses, and items in a list. Use a comma 
       before  and or but)
?     question mark 

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What: Do grammar excercises 
Why: Practice makes perfect
How: Alone
Help: BBB, Check your references first. Then neighbour
Time: Till 5 minutes before class ends, rest is homework
Outcome - checked next lesson
Finished: Write a 100 - 150 word essay where do you see yourself in 10 years

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