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Over the next weeks we will read and discuss the book 'The Hate You Give'. Everything we discuss can be asked in your oral exam in March so make sure you take ampel notes. 
We will use a combination of LessonUp (for class work) and Learnbeat (individual/preparation).

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  • background, environment, setting, framework, or surroundings of events or occurrences. 
  • helps you understand the narrative (the story) 
  • essential in many works because you might miss important points 

Today we will start with background information.

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The title of the book is a reference to THUG LIFE, an acronym for "The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone". This acronym was made popular by American rap artist 2Pac.
2Pac is known for his rap music, poetry and activism against inequality. 

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Go to Learnbeat  - ENGLISH PH5E 
THUG - context and background - lesson 1

Listen to the song Changes by 2Pac Shakur and fill in the gaps. 

Reread the lines and answer the questions in Learnbeat. 

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The Author
Angie Thomas 
Born in Jackson, Mississippi
Born in 1988
Former teen rapper 
THUG is her debut novel

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Angie Thomas
Watch the video and take notes. You will need them for the next class!

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  • The author's idea for the novel came from the 2009 police killing of Oscar Grant. 
  • Recent events in the United States have made this novel all the more relevant. 

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What do you know about the #blacklivesmatter movement?

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Watch the video and take notes. You will need them for the next class!

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Lesson 2 a brief historical background. 
In order to understand relations in the US it is important to be aware of its history in slavery. Watch the video and take notes. Write the answers to the questions in your notebooks/learnbeat

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Portfolio Assignment
  • Pick a poem or song written by Tupac Shakur (see next slide)
  • give your interpretation of this poem or song
  • explain how the content of the poem is linked to The Hate U Give 
  • show off your poetry analysis skills by explaining the use of at least 2 different literary devices in this poem & song (remember to mention the effect)

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2 of the following:  
  1.  Open question about setting
  2. Open question about narrative perspective
  3. Mind map of your favourite character
  4. Open question on Quotes. 

Tupac poetry assignment
This week's portfolio assignments:


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text en quotes nog te verwerken
In the book Starr says: "People like us in situations like this become hashtags, but they rarely get justice"

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