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London's Horrible History
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London's Horrible History

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In four lessons we'll be learning about the horrid things that have happened in London.

By the end of the lesson you'll know more about 1 historical event +
1 important figure of London's past.
Today you'll be hearing more about the Great Fire of London but first let's discuss a guy named Guy Fawkes...

Listen, do the exercises in class and for homework: write approximately 500 words in Dutch on these two topics. 
Show me next week!

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Guy Fawkes

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Name: Guy Fawkes 
Nickname: Guido Fawkes 
Age: 36 

Occupation: Military Fighter, Gunpowder Plotter 

Trademark appearance: Long black robe, Rich red scarf, Large Black hat, Rugged beard. Match in hand. 
Favourite hangouts: Catholic Churches, cellars 

Likes: Bringing the house down, fire, explosions, gunpowder. 
Dislikes: Protestants, King James I, Government, Houses of Parliament. 

Looking for: Revenge against Parliament. 

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So no big bang there...
Though a couple of years on, there was the great fire of London.

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What do you think?
What actions could have prevented or reduced the effects of the fire?

How important was the role of the mayor of London in fighting the fire?

Robert Hubert was found guilty of starting the fire and was hanged.
Do you think he was to blame?

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Write approximately 500 words (in Dutch) about the two topics of today: 
Guy Fawkes + The Great Fire of London
Hand it in next week
(print it out please)!!!
Write it in the back of your notebook and show me next week!!!
Include the questions from the previous slide if you like and/or do some of your own research...

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