Work phrases

Work phrases

Intermediate 2: Unit 5, p.47
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Work phrases

Intermediate 2: Unit 5, p.47

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Physically fit
- Strong, healthy

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Good with numbers

- Good at maths calculations

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Communication skills

- Ability to talk, have conversation with others

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Well organised

- Good at planning, well prepared for tasks

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- Good at coming up with new ideas, creating things

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Work long hours

- Working for a very long time

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- Something that is safe.
- A secure job is one that won't be lost easily.

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Badly paid

- A job which doesn't pay a high salary.

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- Assessed on you performance against your colleagues.

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What about you?

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What about you?
I'd love jobs that...
I'd wouldn't mind jobs that...
I'd hate jobs that...
are stressful
are badly paid
are competitive
I need to be creative
are secure
I work long hours
I need to be physically fit
I need to be good with numbers
I need communication skills

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