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Welcome back!
Welcome back to today's class. We will be starting our "new" term and will focus on writing!
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Welcome back!
Welcome back to today's class. We will be starting our "new" term and will focus on writing!

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What's the mood of today?

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What are your holiday highlights?

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Any "terras" recommendations?

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One part of the exams in your last year is writing. Specifically letter or essay writing. 
Most common writing assignments:
-responding to an e-mail (formal/informal)
-requesting something
-applying to join an activity
-replying to a letter of complaint

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What are the requirements?
-min. 80% of given topics are elaborated
-fully English
-grammar on point
-wide range of vocab.
-English language usage (so correct way of idioms; stay in touch, hang in there etc)

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Example exam assignment
Respond to this e-mail accordingly. Your letter should contain these points:
- there were problems with the lights
-it was the exact colour as she showed on one of the pictures
-you double checked if she liked it and she was confident it was
Come up with the right solution. 

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Are there any questions?

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Writing NOW
What is writing going to look like in our current year?
The writing exam is about responding to a letter of complaint of one of your customers. What the complaint is and what points you have to mention is confidential now. However, it is kind of the same as the previous slide. 

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Upcoming weeks
Every week we are going to discuss how a letter is written, work on our vocab., the lay-out of a letter and do lots and lots of practice. 

31/05:2021: start at looking at the lay-out of a letter and structure in your own letter. 

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Q&A time about the upcoming weeks (or general questions):

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Do you feel like you know what to expect these upcoming weeks? If no, what is not clear yet?

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Thank you for today and will see you in two weeks!

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