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Do you remember the meaning of the word "tribe"? 
What does it mean? 

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A group of people who generally share the same language, culture, and history. 

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Have you ever heard of this term?
What are urban tribes? 

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A group of young people who live in large cities and share common interests. In general, their interests are different from the interests of mainstream culture. 

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Punks, Goths, Rappers, Skaters, Rockers

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Jack Conner, who lives in California, is a skateboarder. He skates every day and says “You can skate anywhere and that’s the best thing about skateboarding”. But he also thinks that skateboarding can be dangerous because he has had a few accidents usually when learning a new stunt. Although it can be dangerous, Jake won’t stop skating because he enjoys it too much. He hopes to become a professional skateboarder one day. 

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Skateboarding has a long history. The first skateboards were invented in the USA in the 1950s. At that time, people made their own skateboards. By 1959, you could buy skateboards in stores. The new skateboards were an easy and fun way to travel around in the streets. Then, in the 1960s, skateboarding became popular with surfers in California. They built ramps to skate on when the waves were too small for surfing. They also skated in empty swimming pools. The curved walls of the swimming pools were perfect for doing stunts.

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Since the 1960s, skateboards have changed a lot. Jake’s skateboard is better and safer than the skateboards of the past. There are also different kinds of skateboards. Some of them are longer for racing down the hills, and others are shorter for riding in the streets and doing stunts. There are now skateboard parks and competitions all over the world. But some things haven’t changed. For many young people like Jake, skateboarding is a sport you can do almost anywhere. 

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1. Jake believes that skateboarding is not dangerous at all.

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2. When were the first skateboards invented in the USA?
in the 1930s
in the 1950s
in the 1970s

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3. Why did the surfers in California build ramps?
to skate on when the waves are too small
to put their surfboards on
to race with their friends in the streets

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4. For which purpose are the longer skateboards used?
for riding in the streets
for skating on the curved walls
for racing down the hills

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