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To get to the Quick-Settings, swipe down from the upper border of the screen.
To get to the Quick-Settings, swipe down from the upper border of the screen.

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Here you will see all of your notifications from different apps. Right now we have no notifications.
If you swipe down again, you will get to the Quick-Settings.

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Here you can quickly change commonly used settings, like turning the Wi-Fi on and off or changing the screen brightness. If you want to see a full list of all the settings you can tap on the little gear icon at the top of the screen.

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You probably want to use the internet at some point, and to do that you have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. To get to the Wi-Fi settings, you tap on the field labeled „Wi-Fi“.

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If Wi-Fi is disabled on your tablet, you can tap on the switch to activate it. If Wi-Fi is allready activated the switch should be green.

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Once Wi-Fi is activated you should see your network. If you see your network, tap on it‘s name to join the network. If you don‘t see your network, there may be a problem with your Wi-Fi outside of the iPad.

Hint: The little lock next to the Wi-Fi symbol indicates if the network is locked with a password.

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Here you have to enter the password of your network. After you typed it in, press the checkmark. If your network isn‘t locked with a password, this step is automatically skipped.
Hint: If you don‘t know the password of your network, have a look at your Wi-Fi Router, as there often is a sticker with the password on it.

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If everything worked you should now be connected to your network it should say „Connected“ under the network‘s name. Now you can tap on the Back-Button to go back to all settings.

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The next step is to set a PIN on your tablet. This helps secure your device and makes sure nobody can use it without your permission. To set a PIN, tap on the field labeled „Security“.

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Now tap on “Screen lock”.

Hint: If you already set a PIN you have to enter it before you can change any settings regarding the PIN.

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Here you can choose what kind of screen lock you want to choose. By default it is set to “Swipe”, which means you don’t have to enter a code. For now we will choose a PIN. To do that, tap on “PIN”.

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Now you can enter a PIN code. The PIN code has to be between 4 and 17 digits. Your PIN should be something you can easily remember, but it shouldn‘t be something as easy to guess as 1234 or 0000.

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Once you are done, tap on „CONTINUE“.

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Now you enter it again to confirm it. Then you tap on “OK”.

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Now you can choose if you want to be able to see your notifications on your Lock-Screen. After that you tap on “DONE” in the bottom right corner.

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If you now lock your device and try to unlock it, you have to enter your PIN code.

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Now you swipe upwards.

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Now you just enter your PIN code and then press the checkmark.

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