September 7th 9th

September 7th
- Recap last week
HOMEWORK: p. 23, 24 & 25

- P. 27 Quantifiers 
- Formative testing 
- Reading from theme 3
- (VOCAB theme 4)

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September 7th
- Recap last week
HOMEWORK: p. 23, 24 & 25

- P. 27 Quantifiers 
- Formative testing 
- Reading from theme 3
- (VOCAB theme 4)

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Formative test
- Bridging the gap VOCAB
Theme 1 - 4

- Homework learn vocab from theme 1 - 4

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Reading strategies
1) Read the questions + answer options
2) Read the text with the assignment 
3) Read the questions again + the answer options
4) Answer the questions
5) Look for proof of your answer in the text 
--> This way you will can be sure that your answer is the right one

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FCE listening
Listening exercises fall into 4 different parts when it comes to listening at  FCE level.  In your Objective First book these 4 different types of exercises will be used. In short, they are:
- multiple choice
- sentence completion
- multiple matching
The exercises mostly involve: discussions, conversations, monologues, interviews, documentaries, radio broadcasts, news, and anecdotes.

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Part 1
Part 1 is always about multiple choice questions. You listen for either details or a more general idea.
There are 8 separate extracts which you will hear, mostly with 1 or 3 people speaking for about 30 seconds.
There is 1 question per extract.
Each extract will be repeated, so you can skip questions that you find difficult. You can do them the second time you hear them.

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Part 3
About 8 minutes long
5 different speakers about the same topic
Match the speaker to 1 of 8 sentences (often A-H). There will be 3 sentences you don't need.
All 5 speakers will speak, and then the extracts are repeated.

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Part 4
An interview between 2 speakers.
There will be 7 multiple choice questions
options are A, B or C. It's about 3-4 minutes long. There is no indication when you have to answer a question; the interview goes on without interruptions.
the extact will be repeated.

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4 ways to use the Future tense
Present simple
fixed time 
(volgens rooster)
The bus leaves at 6.
Present continuous
dingen gaan zeker gebeuren
I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow.
to be going to
plan gemaakt, afspraak nog niet
We're going to watch 
Madagaskar in the vacation!
nog geen plan
je doet een voorstel
She'll become a lawyer once.
Shall I bring you a drink?

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Future Practice
p. 33

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