English, English,. Everywhere! (English as a global language)

Many people in the countries on this map speak English every day. Do you want to know why? You will find out in this lesson.

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Many people in the countries on this map speak English every day. Do you want to know why? You will find out in this lesson.

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Did you know? 
Language travels all over the place! There are even Dutch words in the English language!
 In the following exercise there are six for you to try. Can you think of what these are? (Don’t worry about the spelling)

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Can you think of the Dutch word and the English word for this strange animal? They are almost identical

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This Dutch word is known all over the world and belongs to the history of South Africa. What is it?

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What is the name in Dutch of this dangerous floating island and its name in English?

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Dutch people are famous all over the world for the way they control water. What is this building called in Dutch and English?

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This dangerous African animal can take on a lion and win. What is its name in Dutch and in English?

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How did you do? Interesting wasn't it? Dutch is also part of the global languages! 

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The guy who delivers presents on Christmas Day is another version of the one who comes from Spain. What are his names in Dutch and in English?

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Which part of the world do you think these words are from? 
Do the exercise on the next slide. 

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North America

Central America (Mexico)
South America

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Why do you think these words have become part of the English language? Share your ideas with the rest of the class.

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Video on the English speaking world
You  are going to watch a short video which explains why so many people in the world speak English. The link is on the next slide. 

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My feelings about English
I think English is..

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Spelling: Learn to spell like a boss!
Have you ever watched an action film where you heard words such as : Alpha, Bravo, Charlie? This is a spelling alphabet used by the military. Spelling is an important skill. This is why during this programme you will learn how to spell out words using English. Dutch speakers often mix up the letters ‘i’, ‘e’ and ‘a’ when they spell in English. When you have learnt the NATO spelling alphabet this will never happen to you again!

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NATO alphabet
Watch the YouTube video on the NATO spelling alphabet to find out why it was invented and what words are used for each letter in the alphabet. The link is on the next slide

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Slide 18 - Video

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With the help of the chart, can you find out what this means?
sierra, papa, echo, lima, lima, india, november, golf, india, sierra, foxtrot, uniform, november

Slide 20 - Open vraag

It's your turn to try!
Practise spelling five different words with a partner in class. You can choose your own words, but remember to be respectful.
For example:
You spell out : monkey by saying: mike, oscar, november, kilo, echo, yankee. Your partner writes down what you have spelt out. Check with your partner if they have written the word down correctly. After each word swap roles.
Online learning option: Practise with one of your family members, record yourself spelling out the words and send it in.

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Foxtrot Alpha Bravo
You certainly learnt a lot today!
  • Why so many people in the world speak English
  • Why English is such a useful language to learn
  • How to spell like the tough guys in the movies

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