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Test week all grammar
Unit 1, 3, and 5 all vocab words and irregular verbs
Unit 1 Present simple and present continuous, Articles
Unit 3 determiners, relative pronouns, adverbs
Unit 5 Present perfect and past simple (signal words)

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Unit 1 present simple and continuous

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Present Simple
Present Continuous

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Present simple and present continuous 
Present simple
Present continuous: 
Feit, situatie, gewoonte 
Nu bezig 
Signaalwoorden always, sometimes, often, never, usually, on Mondays, every.... 
Signaalwoorden now, right now, at the moment, look!, listen! 
Hele werkwoord, of hele werkwoord + s 
am/is/are + hele werkwoord + ing 

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Unit 1 Articles

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a / an 
a & an -->  een 
an --> vowel
a --> consonant

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Gebruik je als je specifiek verwijst naar iets die al eerder is benoemd in een zin. 
Bijv: Can you pass me the salt?
Gebruik je voor woorden die beginnen met een medeklinker
Behalve by hour, euro, European, university, uniform
Gebruik je bij woorden die met een klinker beginnen
(A, E, I, O, U) : an apple
Of die lijken alsof ze met een klinker beginnen: an hour

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Unit 3 Determiners
some, any, much, many, a lot of, a little, a few

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A little, a few

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The rules (a) little , (a) few

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A little & a few = weinig
AA little 
A few 
They gave us a little information. 
I have read a few books. 

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a little - a few =
een beetje/aantal
a little sugar
a few cars
a little honey
a few people
a little money
a few babies
a little milk
a few tables

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Unit 3 relative pronouns and adverbs

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Relative pronouns

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Relative pronouns

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Unit 5 present perfect and past simple

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Present perfect and past simple

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Past Simple
Past simple
To say that something happened in the past.
Add –ed OR an irregular form.
Signal words
Yesterday, last week, last month, two days ago, four days ago, months ago, a second ago, etc.
He walked her home last night.
I talked to him on the phone yesterday.
She tried to close her book but a fly got caught in between the pages.

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Present perfect

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Present Perfect
When do we use the Present Perfect?
1. Iets is in het verleden begonnen en is nu nog aan de gang.  

VB.  Ethan has known Sam for three years.
2. Te praten over ervaringen tot nu toe.

VB. I have never eaten Sushi. 
3. Iets is is het verleden gebeurd en het resultaat is nu merkbaar. 

VB.  We've washed the car so now it's clean again.

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Present perfect vs Past simple
We use the present perfect to talk about an experience at any time in the past. The exact time it happened is not inportant.
Have you ever tried herring?

We use the past simple to talk about a specific occasion in the past.
I talked to my friend last night.

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Signal words
To identify the past simple look for time expressions. Last night, yesterday, two weeks ago, in 2020, etc.

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Unit 1 page 15 review questions
Unit 3 page 41 review questions
Unit 5 page 67 review questions

Succes met leren!

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