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ELA4th Grade

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Group Discussion
Pandora's Box
The Greeks created this myth because they believed Zeus was in charge of the world.  They also wanted an explanation for how evil came into the world, but how humans have been able to endure the difficulties with hope.  People have also created myths to try to learn how we should live in the world.  

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How does the author use descriptive words to show both the beautiful and treacherous nature of the badlands?
The author has Sal describe the place as a "shock" as if someone has smooshed all the hills and valleys and rocks into this spot. 

She says there were jagged peaks and steep gorges.  Above was the high blue sky and below were the pink and purple and black rocks. 

She describes "trecherous ravines where you expect to see human skeletons dangling".  

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Why do you think Sal may feel responsible for what happened to her mother and the baby?

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The 4th message on Phoebes porch.  
How does this connect to the theme of the story?
Life is full of both joy and sorrow, and we can't stop the sorrowful things from happening. But we can try to hold on to hope and bravery so we don't let sadness overtake us.  We have to keep going on our journey, but connecting to others can help give us strength.  

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Conclusions help wrap up a piece of writing by restating the focus statement and and providing and sense of closure.   Without a conclusion, a piece of writing may seem unfinished.  

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How could we make this conclusion more reflective? 

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What do you notice about these sentences?   Do they have figurative language?  

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