7.U2.L4- Ordering Numbers

Unit 2: Lesson 4 
Ordering Integers 
Review of Integers, Absolute Value, and Negative Numbers 
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Unit 2: Lesson 4 
Ordering Integers 
Review of Integers, Absolute Value, and Negative Numbers 

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Different Types of Numbers
Rational Numbers- Numbers whose decimals that end  or repeat 
Integers- Negative and Positive Whole Numbers

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Opposites have the same absolute value-meaning they are equal distance from 0 but different signs.

When added together the numbers equal 0. They cancel each other out.

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Negative Numbers
  • Negative numbers are the opposite of positive numbers. 
  • They are on the left side of the number line. 
  • When added to a positive number with the same value it equals zero 

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The absolute value is the distance of the number from zero 
The higher the negative number is, the farther the number is from zero. 

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Put the following numbers in order :
-4, 1, -6, 2,
Now find the absolute value of the numbers and put them in order :

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Place the following numbers on the number line
Which numbers are opposites?

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Rewrite each situation with a positive or negative number
  • The wreck of La Belle, a ship from the 1600s, lies 12 feet below sea level off the coast of Texas
  • Columbus is 602 feet above sea level
  • Shuaib owes Cole 5 dollars
  • Ms.Driscoll has 150 $ in her bank account

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Are negative numbers always less than positive numbers? 
No!  negative numbers are the opposite of a positive number. That does not mean they are less than positive numbers.
Ex. Rewrite each sentence as a positive or negative number 
Shuaib walked 3 miles east -> +3
Shuaib walked 3 miles west -> -3 
Either way, Shuaib walked the same amount.  The negative or positive shows the direction 

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