Week 11 V5A The Merchant of Venice Act 4 Scene 2

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Today's plan
1) At the end of this class, you will understand the events in Act 4 Scene 2
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The Merchant of Venice 

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In Act 4 Scene 1: How does Portia (Balthasar) stop Shylock from having his bond?

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How are the Judaism vs. Christianity represented in the court scene?

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In act 4 Scene 1: How does Bassanio show his gratitude to Balthasar (Portia)?

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Act 4 Scene 1 
  • Nerissa rushes to Shylock's house to let him sign the deed to leave his property to Jessica and Lorenzo. 
  • Gratiano delivers Bassanio's ring to Portia. How does Portia react? 
  • Nerissa intents to ask Gratiano as well for a ring and tells Portia this. How does Portia react to this test by Nerrissa? 

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Has the symbolic meaning of Portia's ring changed at the end of Act 4 scene 1?

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The Merchant of Venice is a......

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a comedy?
Mistaken identities
Clever servant or friend
ambition is seen as a flaw
Puns and wordplay

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One could say that there are three storylines in the play. Which three?

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Slide 12 - Link

  • Continue reading Brave New World (7-8)
  • Make notes on Brave New World 
  • Continue making notes on the Merchant of Venice
  • Study Finish Up 88-100
  • Words from Stepping Stones CH 3 (NL-EN) 

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Mention 1 thing you have learned today. Mention 1 thing you still do not understand.

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