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Finding the easter egg
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Finding the easter egg

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Easter eggs
Of course we all like chocolate, but do you know about this other type of  'easter egg'?

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What are Easter eggs on the internet?
Digital Easter eggs
Hidden tricks
Coloured pages
Tips on how to find Easter eggs

Slide 3 - Quizvraag

Let's just try something...
Open a new tab in your browser and get to work...

Slide 4 - Tekstslide

Type in Google...
Do a barrel roll
and push enter

Slide 5 - Tekstslide

Type in Google
""The Wizard of oz"
Click on the red shoes

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

Type in Google
(What does askew mean?)

Slide 7 - Tekstslide

Type in Google pictures
Atari breakout

Slide 8 - Tekstslide

Type in Google
Google gravity and click the first hit

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Flip a coin
Heads or tales, you know the game. Type that in Google if you don't happen to have a coin at hand!

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

<Blink> of Blink HTML as a search makes what happen?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

You're up! Find an "easter egg" and share it with us here...

Slide 12 - Open vraag