5H GSAW Chapter 12

GSAW Chapter 12
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GSAW Chapter 12

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Jean Louise wakes up early the next morning and impulsively mows the lawn until her aunt yells at her to stop waking the neighbors with the noise. At breakfast, Atticus gets a call from the sheriff and tells him to call Hank instead.
Hank comes shortly afterward to tell Atticus about the sheriff’s call: Calpurnia’s grandson Frank was driving his father Zeebo’s car and hit and killed an old white man. Hank told the sheriff they would not defend the boy, but Atticus says that they ought to take the case. Jean Louise thinks her father is being generous until he explains that his reason for taking the case is to keep the NAACP from becoming involved.

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Hank asks Jean Louise for a dinner date that night. She agrees unenthusiastically. When Atticus refers to her as Scout, she finds that she now hates to hear him speak her old nickname.
Jean Louise visits Calpurnia to offer whatever help she can provide. Calpurnia and her family are polite but distant; Calpurnia treats Jean Louise like company instead of family. Jean Louise realizes that Calpurnia is shutting her out emotionally, unable to look at Jean Louise without seeing her only as a white person. Jean Louise asks Calpurnia if she hates all white folks for what they’ve done to black folks, but Calpurnia shakes her head.

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Short questions

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What does: "The Lord never sends you more than you can bear" mean?
God never sends you 'temptation'.
God loves all animals: mockingbirds, bears, ...
God only sends you what you can handle.
Jean Louise is left by God.

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What is aunt Alexandra MOST upset about when Jean Louise starts mowing the lawn?
It is way too early; she'll wake the entire neighbourhood.
She is still upset about what Jean Louise had done the day before.
It is a man's job to mow the lawn.
Jean Louise is not dressed properly.

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How come Atticus has to use 'grotesque eating equipment'which makes him spill his food all the time?

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Who is Zeebo's boy?
Their neighbour
One of the lawyers of the NAACP
Calpurnia's grandson
The man who runs the icecream parlor

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"Now, isn't it better for us to stand up with hem in court than to have him fall into the wrong hands?" Who does Atticus mean here by 'wrong hands'?
The Sherrif
the NAACP lawyers

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'Don't you ever call me that again. You who called me Scout are dead in your grave'. Why is Scout so upset when Atticus calls her 'Scout'.

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Questions to discuss

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What information does Mr. Fred add to the details surrounding Mr Healy's death? Was it clearly Zeebo's fault or might it have been an accident?

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Why does Jean Louise say that Calpurnia is 'wearing her company manners'? How does Calpurnia react to her?

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