YV4- scientific skills

Scientific skills
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Scientific skills

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Name some research skills

Slide 2 - Woordweb

Formulating research question
Formulating hypothesis
Designing research plan
Drawing graphs
Reading tables/diagrams
Drawing conclusion

Slide 3 - Sleepvraag

  • Research usually starts with a question: the research question
  • Goal of the research is to answer the question

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Expected answer to the research question
Often seen formats:
-Cause and effect: If....., then...
- Correlation: ....has a positive effect on...
- Differences: comparing two or more groups

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Research plan
Different types of research:
Describing : collect data by observing
Experimental : testing hypothesis with experiment
- Control group
Developing : develop material/model/method

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Designing experimental research
  1. Determine variable to be experimentally changed
  2. Design multiple groups:
    - Vary the variable between the groups
    - Try to include control group (eliminate variable)
    - Keep all other variables constant
  3. Explain what will be measured, when, and how

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Slide 8 - Video

Analysis results
  • Displaying results in tables and graphs
  • Drawing conclusion from results
  • Comparing conclusion with hypothesis and analyse differences

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What are common mistakes with graphs?

Slide 10 - Woordweb

How would you improve this graph?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

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