Exam prep 18/05/2021

Welcome to today's class.
-Discussing what the speaking exam will look like
-Tips and tricks
-Debating timeeeeee
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Welcome to today's class.
-Discussing what the speaking exam will look like
-Tips and tricks
-Debating timeeeeee

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What is the mood of today?

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How was the holiday?

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What are the highlights of your holiday?

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What does the exam look like?
The exam:
Each one of you has to present a whole tour guide of a city of your choice. So, each one of you chooses one country and then a city. You decide what the highlights are and why it should be visited. Then you come up with a total corona-proof guide thought until the very last detail. 

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Be creative. Make a prezi, powerpoint,  lessonup or whatever site/programme you want. 
Start with why you chose that city and why it is so attractive for visitors. KEEP IN MIND IT SHOULD BE CORONA PROOF.
You have to present this tour guide in 7 minutes in front of ME. Not the class; me only. 

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Are there any questions now?

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Are you guys comfortable speaking in front of class or do you prefer doing it individually?

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-Be creative
-Choose one that you are familiar with to make it easy
-Think professional and think about a certain group to focus on. E.g newly weds, families or older gen. 
-Look online at tour guides and see how it looks like and try to be close to that. 

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For instance


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Any further questions?

Slide 12 - Woordweb

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What do we think about this educational clip?

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Write down some of the useful debating tips you plan to use

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Time to debate
I come up with discussion/debating topics. We will divide the class in two. One side is against and one is in favour. Walk to the side you agree with. Get your arguments ready to explain and debate why you think that way. 

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Should anti-vaxxers be forced to vaccinate their kids?

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Should transgendered people be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice? 

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social media is ruining society 

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 People should get fired for what they say on social media.

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Any questions? What do we think about today?

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Thank you for today and bye!

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