New Zealand Unit 6 (Monday 10 May)

N ew Zealand
New Zealand Unit 6
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N ew Zealand
New Zealand Unit 6

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N ew Zealand/Māori culture 

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What do you know about
the Mãori culture?

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Aims for today:                                    
      - know more about the Maori culture.            
                 - know the meaning of a Ta Moko tattoo.                                    

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Planning (teams/bestanden/lesmateriaal/Unit 6)
  • Toetsweek: Readingtest (bring your own dictionary)
  • 17 June: Words Unit 6 (onder voorbehoud)
  • 24 June: Grammar Unit 6 (onder voorbehoud)

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 The Haka (page 216)

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What do Mãori dancers do with their face when they perform in the haka?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Slide 10 - Video

What is the traditional Maori way of greeting each other that is seen in this video?
touching feet/knees
touching noses/forehead
touching noses/ears
touching hands/legs

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Tã Moko

page 217

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What part of the face does a traditional Mãori tatto cover in men and women?
men: whole body women: the chin, upper lips, feet, and hands
men: whole body women: the chin, upper lips, nose, and throat

Slide 13 - Quizvraag

Would you ever consider getting a Ta Moko tattoo?
Not on my face

Slide 14 - Quizvraag

Slide 15 - Video

TASK A (finish this lesson!):
Let's create your own design (find inspiration in the next slide)
draw a tattoo and upload your photo in: teams/bestanden/6.1 tattoo

Finished? Answer the question in this lessonup about this lesson and then start with your homework.

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What have you learned today?

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Homework Monday 17 May
A. Paragraph 6.1: exercise 4
B. Step 1
    - Watch:
    - Take notes! Upload in teams/bestanden/past simple
     Step 2
     - Paragraph 6.2: Exercises: 1 t/m 3

C. Study:  Nature 1  + Expressions A

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