4.1 War & Peace lesson 1

Welcome to TPL
Miss De Graaf
Teacher for 9 yrs

Who are you?

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Welcome to TPL
Miss De Graaf
Teacher for 9 yrs

Who are you?

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Digital class
  1. Go to lessonup.app
  2. join your digital class see link in Magister

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What should be a rule during TPL class

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Term 3: 
Chapter 4: War and Peace
  • Lesson 3 presentation peace movement + reflection (Teams)
  • concluding topic: to write a script (page 72 + 73)

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Term 4:
Chapter 5: Evil and suffering
  • workshop: § from ch. 5
  • Test in testweek

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Lesson objectives
I judge possible reasons for war and responses to them including religious responses 
  • I empathize with soldiers
  • I explore whether the Christian Church should support soldiers at war
  • I analyze and apply the ideas of the just war and the holy war
  • I evaluate the ideas of the just war and the holy war

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Go to work

  1. do §4.1 + §4.2 assignment lesson 1 (handed out be teacher)
  2. Work in your own pace through the slides.
  3. It should be finished before the end of this lesson.

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Slide 8 - Video

Read the paper article on page 58 of your text book
"The D-Day landings, 1944

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Draw a 'senses spider diagram' in your notebook. Upload it in here.

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Why do you think Ed Groman still cannot talk about what happened once he had landed on the beach in France?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Read page 59 of your book

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Do you think the Christian Church should support soldiers at war? Give at least two reasons for your opinion.

Slide 13 - Open vraag

  1. Read paragraph 4.2
  2. Answer the questions on the following slides.

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Do you think that a just war is possible in the world we live in today? Explain your answer

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Can a war ever be holy? Give two reasons for 'yes' and two reasons for 'no'.

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Do you think religion causes war? Give reasons for your answer.

Slide 17 - Open vraag

After studying paragraph 4.1 and 4.2.
1. Name 2 things you have learned
2. Which question do you still have?

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