Unit 5: Time and Temperature + finishing addition and sub

Unit 5 time and temperature 
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Unit 5 time and temperature 

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You can tell the temperature outside by reading a thermometer! 
It can tell you how hot or cold the weather is, so you can plan what activities to do! 🌞

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Why are the numbers on the left side (👈)of the thermometer bigger than the numbers on the right side (👉)?

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That's because there are 2 ways of measuring how hot or cold the weather is:
°F (degrees Fahrenheit)
°C (degrees Celsius)

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key point Celsius and Fahrenheit are the names of the people who invented the thermometer!
People in the United States use Fahrenheit. 
People in the rest of the world use Celsius.

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32°F is really cold.
It's also a special temperature. It's when water freezes into ice.
At 32°F you could go:

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If it's 0°C outside, how many °F is it?

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If it's 30°C outside, how many °F is it?

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