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What do you know about Thanksgiving?

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Who were the pilgrims?
People looking for religious freedom from Europe
Adventurers from Europe
Slave traders from Europe

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Where did the original pilgrims come from?
London, England
Leiden, Netherlands
Belfast, Ireland

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Who are the Native Americans?
Slaves from Africa
Indigenous people of America
A gang of rebels from the impoverished areas of Manhattan

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How did the Native Americans help the Pilgrims?
Built them houses
Gave them maps
Showed them how to farm

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The first Thanksgiving was created because...
A dinner of shared food with the Pilgrims and Natives
The day they all prayed together about food

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What types of food do Americans eat on Thanksgiving?

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What do you think the point of Thanksgiving is?

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What are you thankful for?

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Your turn!
In groups, you are going to look up a special day for an English speaking country.
You are going to look up what the day is all about, and make an  Englishposter of it.
The poster is presented by your group in the next lesson!

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Your turn!
When is it celebrated? THe date? 
Where is it? Country? People? 
Why do they celebrate it? 
How do they celebrate it (traditions)? 
Do you think the original people of the country like this day? 


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Your turn!
  1. Independence day – United States of America 
  2.  Canada day – Canada 
  3.  Thanksgiving – Canada 
  4.  Australia day -Australia 
  5.  Waitangi day – New Zealand 
  6.  St. Patrick's day - Ireland

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