What is Marine Science?

What do you think of when you hear the term "marine science"?
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Marine Science10th Grade

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What do you think of when you hear the term "marine science"?

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What is science?
Science is a body of knowledge that we use to explain & understand the natural world and its phenomenom.

Science is also made up of the processes and practices that add to the body of knowledge.

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What does a scientist look like?
Do your best 3-minute drawing, take a picture with your phone, and upload it here!

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Science is based on observing and explaining using consistent methods.

Ways to "Science:"
- Creating models
- Researching reliable resources
- Direct observations
- Measuring and comparing

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The Scientific Method
The scientific method is not the ONLY way to do science, but it is one way to ensure you are doing it consistently across multiple iterations.

Most of the time, the scientific method starts by making an observation and asking a question about what you observed.

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Look around the room and make an observation about a non-living thing in the room.

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Which of these is NOT part of the scientific method?
Asking a question
Making an educated guess
Doing research
Drawing conclusions

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