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Game talk
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Games are timeless. Board games and computer games are played by people of every age. Nowadays, young people in particular play a lot of games online, where they also communicate online in a chat environment. This way of communicating has advantages and disadvantages. In this lesson, the students will discuss the pros and cons of chatting in an online game and invent their own chat environment. Download hier de docentenhandleiding en lesbrief:



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Game talk

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Lesson goals:
• Learn the pros and cons of   
   online communication.
• Discover the different features 
   an online game can have.
• Discuss what the communication 
   etiquette is are in an online game.
• Design a chat environment in 
   English together.

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In what online games do you
use the chat function?

Slide 3 - Woordweb

bron: Fortnite

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Examples of miscommunication

Slide 7 - Open vraag

Can you discuss everything with each other in an (anonymous) chat environment during an online game?

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