Workshop 3

Workshop 3
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Workshop 3

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Lesson objective
To apply knowledge learned about introductions, conclusions, integrating sources and proofreading/editing to our task (500 word essay on Popular Social Media Trends Related to Sustainable Tourism). 

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What is this? What needs to be included? What do you know about reference lists/APA style?
According to Biden, "Republicans just have to let us do our job. Just get out of the way. If you don’t want to help save the country, get out of the way so you don’t destroy it" (as cited in Fedor & Piloti, para. 5, 2021).
What kind of citation is this?
Direct quote

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Fedor, Lauren and Politi, James, (4    
         October 2021). Biden accuses 
         Republicans of recklessness in debt
         ceiling stand-off.
      <      0f52-4312-8d9d-8df4362625d4>
What did you learn about APA and citations from the preparation video?

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What did you learn about editing & proofreading?

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Separate processes; do not edit while writing; both will be repeated several times; read text and changes out loud; have a friend or person unfamiliar with your topic read it to see if it makes sense; have someone strong in language/grammar read it to help you spot mistakes; always set the spell and grammar check to the language you're writing in; save the document often and sometimes email a copy to yourself so you don't lose your work; if you have multiple people look at it, send them each a word document with a different name and keep track of it; keep your own working copy so you can decide what changes to make/nobody else's changes will go undetected.
What goes in the introduction?

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General to specific; hook, outline, link to TS. All main ideas that will be addressed should be clear. About 8-10% length of your paper.
What goes in the conclusion?

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About 8-10% of your paper. Conclusive summary neatly tying the main ideas together that links to the TS; address paper limits + include any action or recommendations needed. No new information that you have not already answered/analyzed. Answer questions, don't ask them (unless that is specifically the goal of the assignment!)
Let's write!
Finish writing as much as you can from the entire task: introduction, body paragraph(s), and conclusion. Remember to apply T.E.X.A.S, use a thesis statement and APA referencing. Done? Edit/proofread!

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Upload essay on Teams (first name in file name please)

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Peer Review:
  • Check the chat to see who your teacher selected partner is.
  • Find their essay in Teams to comment on + download the student feedback form (do NOT edit the one on Teams).
  • Upload the finished student feedback form for your partner on Teams.
  • Forms can be found on Moodle too!
  • Upon completion of the peer review, download the self-check evaluation form from Teams/Moodle.
  • Fill it in for yourself.
  • Upload it on Teams.
  • Done? Start reading the comments from your peer review.

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What is the hardest part of writing for me?
Structuring (intro, body, conc, outline)
Using academic language/style
Using sources correctly/well
Language mistakes/grammar

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Have a lovely fall break!

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