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The living organisms 
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The living organisms 

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What is habitat?
  • The surroundings where animals live is called their habitat. The organisms depend on their habitat for their food, water, air, shelter and other needs. Habitat means a dwelling place.
A habitat is the natural home or environment of a plant, animal, or other organism.

It provides the organisms that live there with food, water, shelter and space to survive.

Habitats consist of both biotic and abiotic factors.

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Which animals do not support the term living.

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How are cactus adapted to survive in a desert?
  • No leaves or spiny leaves to prevent water loss through transpiration.
  • Stem is modified in such a way that it performs photosynthesis and conserves water.
  • Their roots go very deep into the soil for absorbing water.

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Biotic components
  • Biotic describes a living component of an ecosystem; for example organisms, such as plants and animals. ... All living things — autotrophs and heterotrophs — plants, animals, fungi, bacteria.

  • Biotic factors are all of the living organisms within an ecosystem.

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How was the session?

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