9.3.1: Europe at War: Blitzkrieg-Q-facts

AGE 9. The Time of World Wars
9.3.1. Europe at War: Blitzkrieg

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AGE 9. The Time of World Wars
9.3.1. Europe at War: Blitzkrieg


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1. Before he set his sights on Poland, Hitler had already added several countries to the German Reich.
Give two examples of countries that were previously added to the German Reich by Hitler.

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2. describe the emotions of the crowd watching the German troops (slide 6)

Start your answer with: "the crowd shows..." then write down 3 applicable emotions.

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3. After Czechoslovakia, what was Hitler's next target?

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4. Consider why the Molotov-von Ribbentrop Pact is beneficial to both Germany and the Soviet Union.
Write your answer like this:
" It was beneficial for Germany because....."
"It was beneficial for the Soviet Union because..."

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5. Which of the following was not a reason for Russia to make an alliance with Germany?
Stalin needed time to re-arm to defend Russia against the Nazis.
Stalin believed that Hitler was the bloody assassin of the workers.
Stalin made a secret agreement with Hitler to divide Poland between them.
Stalin did not trust England and France as allies because they did not stand up to Hitler

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6. Why was the world stunned by the Nazi-Soviet Pact?
Nazis and communists hated each other
Hitler had promised to make an alliance with Britain
Stalin had promised to make an alliance with Britain
France and Britain had promised to make an alliance with Hitler

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7. Which statement is true?
Statement I: The Blitzkrieg was a swift and fierce German military campaign.
Statement II: A small area in France remained unoccupied by Germany.

Both statements are true.
Both statements are false
Statement I is false and statement II is true.
Statement I is true and statement II is false.

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8. Watch the video fragment in the next slide (1 minute).
Indicate how Hitler himself staged the reason to invade Poland.

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9. Watch the video fragment in the next slide (2 min.)
a. Compare the German and Polish armies and
copy & fill in the diagram in your notebook.
b. Then, based on the diagram, give a conclusion as to why
Germany was able to conquer Poland so quickly.

Upload a picture of the diagram in your notebook.

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10. Watch the 4 minute fragment from the movie "Battle of Britain" from 1969.
Give an example from the film which defense system was of great importance to the British in the 'Battle of Britain'.

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11. Britain's Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said after the 'Battle of Britain':
"Never before have so many owed so much to so few."
Explain this statement with the film fragment.
Your answer should make clear who are meant by " so many" and "so few" and what is meant by " so much".

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Write down one question about something in this lesson that you still don't fully understand.

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