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EnglishSecondary Education

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Welcome !
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  1. Vivaan Kumra
  2. Shaurya Joshi
  3. Akshit Nain

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How are you feeling Today?

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Let's see what's There to learn today !
 1) Current affairs
     2) Great inventors
3) Real heroes 
         4) Reel teachers   

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Latest Updates 
  1. Xiaomi overtakes Apple as world’s No 2 phone maker.
  2. After Amul, now Gokul and Mother Dairy raise milk prices by Rs 2 per litre.
  3. The US withdraws from Afghanistan after 20 years of war.
  4. PM Modi to inaugurate India’s first 5-star hotel atop railway track at Gandhinagar Station .

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Let's take a quick Recap. 

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In which country was the war going on from 20 years ?

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Amul announces pan India hike in prices of milk by ?
Rs 10
Rs 20
Rs 5
Rs 2

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Which smartphone brand holds the second position in the global smartphone market after Samsung?

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The all new railway station at Gandhinagar is equipped with?
A gym
A five star hotel
A school
A helipad

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Stephen William Hawking 

 A Great Scientist
With a great vision. 

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Early Life 
Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January, 1942.
Until the age of 9 he was not a bright student in school.
He was not interested in bookish knowledge instead he opened radio's and clocks and saw how things worked .
He was also entitled with the name "Einstein "

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His Struggles 
In 1963, at the age of just 21, he suffered from a motor neuron disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis that has gradually paralysed his body. 
He had a small computer attached to his wheelchair as a communication device controlled by the movements of his cheek muscles (after he lost the use of his hand due to paralysis).

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His achievements 

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Shows based on his inspiring story.

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Books based on his life. 

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Join with the link In the chat box 

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Let's Remember Our Inventors

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Inventor of  LCD projector
Gene Dolgoff

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Inventor of Ceiling Fan
Philip Diehl

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Inventor of first telephone handset 
Cyrille Duquet

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Inventor of the first computer mouse
 Douglas Engelbart

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Inventor of electric motor
Michael Faraday 

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Inventor of contact lens
Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick

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CH-20) Real heroes 

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Rajendra Singh

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Manasi Pradhan

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Tiffany Brar

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Sindhutai Sapkal

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Mother of Orphans
Founder of the Jyothirgamaya Foundation
Honour for Women National Campaign
Waterman of India

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 Ms. Rashi Anand
NGO- Lakshyam
Lakshyam working for street and unprivileged children .

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Anshu Gupta 
Ngo - Goonj
Villagers work to dig wells repair roads, build school. in return they are given food grains and clothings

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Nafisa Ali 

 Care home Ashraya
serving people who
are affected by

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Reel teachers 

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A passionate teacher teaches a deaf and blind girl to live life normally.

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Chak De! India

A hockey coach with a dark past trains the Indian women's hockey team to save his country's pride.

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A deaf boy makes it to the Indian cricket team with the help of his coach.

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Taare Zameen Par

A compassionate art teacher builds a unique bond with a dyslexic child.

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This is a 1988 American film based on the true story of a high school Maths teacher.
Stand and Deliver
After Life
Another Day in Paradise
Great Expectations

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This film is based on the story of a real life inter-city high school Principal.
Hold You Tight
The Land Girls
Lean on Me
Wide Awake

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Time to test your learning 

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Thank You

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”
-Jim Rohn

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