present simple and present continuous

present simple and present continuous
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present simple and present continuous

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 I walk
Present simple
Habits: I walk my dog everyday
Things that are generally true: Boys walk faster than girls
Routines: I usually walk to school

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I am/ I have/ I walk/ I love

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Regular words

I                     walk
you               walk
she/he/it   walks
we/they      walk

S/H/IT +s

-s, z, sh, ch, j or zs 

I                   rush                 kiss
you             rush                 kiss
she/he/it  rushes           kisses
we/they    rush                 kiss

S/H/IT + es

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Irregular verbs

I                         am
you                   are
he/she/it        is
we/they          are
I                              have
you                        have
she/he/it             has
we/they               have

I                  should    can    must
you            should   can     must
he/she/it should   can     must
we/ they  should   can     must

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he walks/ he screams

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 I am walking
Present continuous:
1. Activity happening at the time of speaking:
What am I doing? I am walking to school!
2. temporary activity happening around now (at the moment, now, currently, this month): 
I'm walking to school this week, because my bike got stolen

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Regular words

I                      am walking
you               are walking
she/he/it    is walking
we/they      are walking

I                   am kissing
you             are kissing
she/he/it  is   kissing
we/they    are kissing

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I am being/ I am having/ I am walking

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walk or am walking?
I usually ______ to school

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He __________ with his grandmother at the moment
is living

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