All Right MAX, leerjaar 1v, unit 6.1

Welc   me!
- Put your phone out of sight

- Take your laptop out of your schoolbag.
 Open it when the teacher gives you a sign.

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Welc   me!
- Put your phone out of sight

- Take your laptop out of your schoolbag.
 Open it when the teacher gives you a sign.

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All Right MAX, Unit 6.1
New Zealand

- grootste stad van het Zuider 
- op één na grootste stad van 
  New Zealand

- oorspronkelijke    
   bewoners: Maori
- rond 1840 kwamen 
  de eerste Europeanen

- aardbeving 2010
- aanslagen 
  moskeeën in 2019

New Zealand

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Today's planning:
Today's planning:
  • check last week's homework (unit 5.6)

  • you can read some nice things to do in New Zealand
  • talk about backpacking and the things you need

  • planning homework and finish up the lesson

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Gap year in New Zealand

A lot of young people visit New Zealand to take a break from studying. 
They go backpacking around the country for a year. You can have a lot of adventures. 
Whether you like nature, sports, wildlife or adventure, there’s something for everyone!

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Four Things to Do in New Zealand
Whale Watching Tour
You can’t go on New Zealand gap year without seeing any wildlife. One of the best ways to do this is on a whale-watching tour. You go on a boat in search of whales. If you’re lucky, you might even see some jumping out of the sea!

Lord of the Rings Tour
From the famous Mount Doom to the Hobbit Holes ... if you liked The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand has the tour for you! The scenery and sets in the film are amazing. And guess what? They look even better in real life!
 for the adrenaline junkies out there.

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Four Things to Do in New Zealand
Bungee Jumping
If you’ve never bungee jumped before but you’re ready to take a jump, why not do it from the Kawarau Bridge? The 43-meter jump will get your heart racing! It’s the number 1 attraction for the adrenaline junkies out there.

If you’ve had enough of nature and the outdoors, you can go to Auckland. It is the largest city in New Zealand. There are lots of shops, restaurants and clubs. You can also go to cultural events like theatre, concerts and operas.

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Let's have a look at assignments 1 till 3

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It's up to you, guys 
You can start working on your assignments!
               Unit 6.1 --> 1 till 3

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planning homework

- Thursday the 16th of June  you have                       finished assignment 1 till 3 of unit 6.1.

- Study your words on page 238 of your                   workbook
             Good luck with your homework!!!

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Thank you for your hard work!

When the bell rings: tr
  • pull up your chair
  • tidy up your things and take them with you 
  • leave the classroom calm and quietly

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