3.3 Fleeing from Afghanistan V2

3.3 Fleeing from Afghanistan
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3.3 Fleeing from Afghanistan

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At the end of this lesson
You can describe the situation of refugees and why they are force to flee

You understand the difficulties and dangers for refugees on their journey to safety

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But first,  recap

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What does family reunification mean?
(write it in your notebook)

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When did the most Moroccan guest workers arrive in the Netherlands?

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Afghanistan, in South-Asia
A country in war

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The day that everything changed: 1978- now

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Slide 8 - Video

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From Afghanistan to Europe
Migrant smuggler
Someone who gets paid to transport migrants illegally from one place to another, usually across an international border.

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Human Trafficking vs Migrant Smuggling
Explain the difference.

1. Discuss with each other.
2.Than, write it down in your notebook.

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Migrant smuggling is closely linked to human trafficking. In both situations, people are illegally transported. But one thing really identifies the difference: migrant smuggling is mostly voluntary, as people pay for it as ‘a service’, like Asma’s father. When this is not the case, and not voluntary, we speak about human trafficking.

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Evaluation test in testweek
Paragraph 1 to 3

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To do- friday 26th of march 
Paragraph 3.3 entirely
Check answers of all paragraphs

Create a keyword list including all keywords of these paragraphs and a drawing or symbol next to it. 

Time left? Watch short film in this lessonup

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What are the difficulties and dangers for refugees on their journey to safety?

Slide 16 - Open vraag

What do asylum seekers need to be allowed to stay in the Netherlands?

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What is the European policy concerning asylum seekers?

Slide 18 - Open vraag

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