Objective Advanced unit 16

unit 16  Who we are
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unit 16  Who we are

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Listen carefully to the video and try to remember whate ach organ's function is.

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What subjects did you study in biology lessons at school?

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What do your lungs do?

What does your heart do?

What does your liver do?

What does your skin do?

What do your kidneys do?

What does your stomach do?

What do your muscles do?

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How many cells do you think there are in the human body?

How long do they last?

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reading strategy: scanning

reading a  text quickly to scan for certain information. Focus only on words that lead you to the right info such as numbers, €, positive or negative words, or certain words

do exercise 2

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OA CD 2 nr 4

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Learn the vocabulary (idioms connected with parts of the body) in exercises 1-3 on p. 102-103 for the test.

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idioms with body parts
to keep you on your toes                                                     
to set your heart on something
to give someone a hand
to be all ears
to have one's head in the clouds
put one's feet up
to catch someone's eye
to have got fingers in every pie

to bite one's tongue
to be down in the mouth
to keep one's fingers crosses
to keep an eye on
to put someone's mind at rest
to break someone's heart
to fall head over heels in love

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