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Which of the following is not a requirement to become president of the united states
be at least 35 years old
live in the US for 14 years
hold a master's degree
be born in the US
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Which of the following is not a requirement to become president of the united states
be at least 35 years old
live in the US for 14 years
hold a master's degree
be born in the US

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The US political system is dominated by just two parties, so the president always belongs to one of them. While you could technically tun outside of the established two parties as a so-called independent, you would never garner enough support to have any real shot at the presidency. 

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1. Which two animals are used to symbolise the Republican and Democratic political parties?

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2. Which American rapper ran as a presidential candidate under his independent Birthday Party, because "if I win, it's everybody's birthday". On Twitter he stated that he was running for president as a service to God.

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3. Though not a complete independent, which democratic socialist dropped out of the 2020 Democratic Race for President. Some will argue that he did win the meme race. I once again ask you for his name.

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4. Asking someone's age is rude, but it is Trump we are talking about. How old is Trump?

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5. According to Trump, Joe Biden is old and losing his wits. What nicknamed did Trump use for Joe Biden during his campaign?

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6. Which senator did Biden pick as his vice presidential nominee, making her the first woman of color on a US presidential ticket for a major party.

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The United States presidential elections were supposed to produce a sweeping victory for Joe Biden and a decisive win for the Democrats. The vote was supposed to signal a clear break with the past; ushering in a new morning after a dark night in America.

But instead, it was an epic shitshow.

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7. During the election, the hashtag #CountEveryVote began trending on social media. What did this hashtag stand for?

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8. Which state was one of the most hotly contested battleground states in the 2020 race between President Trump and Democratic nominee Biden?

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9. Winning these states is key to winning the election. But what are battleground states?

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10. What did several US TV networks do during Trump's first public appearance since election night after concluding that the president was spreading disinformation?

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11. At the first press conference since election loss Trump has stunned many viewers. What was wrong with Trump’s appearance?

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12. Shortly after the election had been called for Biden, Trump announced on Twitter that his lawyers would be holding a “big press conference” in Philadelphia. What went wrong during that press conference?

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13. What does MAGA stand for?

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Is the president directly chosen by the people?

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How many electoral votes does a presidential candidate need?

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How is decided how many electoral votes a state gets?

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What are the two parts of congress called?

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Which part is democratic today? Which part is republican?

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