New Zealand Unit 6.4

New Zealand, Unit 6.4
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New Zealand, Unit 6.4

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  • Korte introductie Unit 6.4:
       - informatie vinden en begrijpen in een tekst (reading)
       - past simple: verleden tijd

  • Je gaat werken aan de opdrachten van Unit 6.4
       - opdracht 1 t/m 8

  • Opgeven huiswerk en afronding

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Three Things You Can Do in Conservation Week

Conservation week is a yearly event. 
It’s all about the protection of plants and animals. 
The people of New Zealand are very proud of their island. 
They want to keep it green. 

Here are three things you can do.........

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The best place to plant a tree is next to a river. The second best place to plant a tree is anywhere! 
Trees are awesome. Trees protect animals from the weather and danger. They also provide food to animals. 
And most important of all: trees provide oxygen. Without it, we can’t breathe.

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When you’re out in nature, don’t throw your empty packages and cans away on the ground. 
Animals can become trapped or injured by the items you have thrown away. Your litter can also attract rats. And it makes the forests look a mess! 
Put your litter in your bag, take it home and recycle it. Keep our woods wild!

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Getting involved in conservation work won’t make you rich, but it will help the wildlife and nature of New Zealand. 
You can feed baby Kiwis who have lost their parents, tidy up forests, help stranded dolphins return to the sea ... 
There are countless things you can do! And, you can do them all yearround.

A kiwi is a fruit, a person and a bird. Confused? You’ve probably tasted a kiwi fruit, but did you know that New Zealanders are often called Kiwis? 
And that their famous bird, the kiwi, is endangered? 
Luckily lots of Kiwis are eating kiwis while they work hard to save the kiwi! What do you know about New Zealand?

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True or false
Opdracht 4

1. Bomen zijn zowel voor mensen als dieren belangrijk.

2. Gooi je afval in de daarvoor bestemde afvalbakken.

3. Je betaalt om te werken voor natuurbehoud.

4 .Je helpt gestrande dolfijnen om terug te gaan naar zee.


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Past simple: verleden tijd
Je gebruikt de past simple als je wilt zeggen dat iets in het verleden is gebeurd. 

Let op: bij werkwoorden die eindigen op een -e doe je het anders: + -d
                smile --> she smiled

Je gebruikt voor alle personen dezelfde vorm:     hele werkwoord + -ed
I                      talked
you                talked
he / she / it  talked
we                 talked

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Even samen oefenen.....☺
Opdracht 6
Vul de past simple in van de werkwoorden tussen haakjes.

1. I (to ask) ..................... Jim to help me yesterday.
2. She (to celebrate) ................................ her birthday last April.

3. I (to watch) ...................................TV last night.


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Wat ga je maken?
   1 t/m 8 van Unit 6.4 af.

                     Veel succes!

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