Writing les 1 formal& informal

Writing lesson 1
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Writing lesson 1

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Welcome dear students
Goals for today:
  • Aan het eind van deze les kan ik onderscheid maken tussen Engelse formele en informele e-mails/brieven
  • Aan het eind van deze les kan ik in het Engels een informele e-mail schrijven/typen.

For today:
- Informal/ formal writing
- Writing assignment

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Formal (e-mail) writing
Formal = formeel / zakelijk
Types of letters/ e-mails: application, enquiry, offer, complaint.
Salutation: Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr./Mrs/Ms. Adams,
Introduction: The reason for writing (use 1 or 2 sentences)
Body: Details of your message.
Closing sentence: I am looking forward to your reply.
Ending: Yous faithfully,  Yours sincerely, Best/ Kind regards,.

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Would you call this a formal
or an informal e-mail?

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We are now going to focus on informal e-mails...

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Which of the following introductions can be used in informal e-mails?
(multiple answers possible)
Thanks for your e-mail!
I hope you're well.
How's your family?
I hope this e-mail finds you well.

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Which of the following conclusions can be used in informal e-mails?
(multiple answers possible)
Give my regards to Mr. Johnson.
Say hi to your mother!
Hope to hear from you soon.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re-write the following sentence to informal language
"I am writing to express my dissastisfaction."

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Rewrite this email so it fits with informal writing.
Include the salutation and closing (aanhef and afsluiting).
Dear Ms Howes,
How you doing? I hope you had a nice holiday. Can you check my work for me. You said you were going to check it last week but you still have not.

I look forward to your lesson tomorrow.

Kind Regards, 
Example Key

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Writing assignment Thank you e-mail
Your boyfriend or bestfriend takes you on a suprise day trip.
Thank him or her in an e-mail.
- an opening;
- a closing;
- a word of thanks;
- why you’re happy with the gift.
Write a draft version (kladversie) of the e-mail. What words do you need to write the e-mail in English? 
Now write the e-mail.

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Zijn de doelen behaald? 
Feedback for the teacher?

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