Global Perspectives component 2 research question + sample essays

Global perspectives year 2
Focus on component 2
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Global perspectives year 2
Focus on component 2

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Looking back

What is component 2 about?
What are your findings so far?

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Today's objectives
  • Understanding the dos and don'ts regarding component 2
  • You've finished your first draft of your research question

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Learning from past papers
The next slide offers a link to three essays assessed by Cambridge.
1. Go to your studyplanner and download the DOs and DON'Ts form. 
2. Then read the three essays via the link in the next slide and study Cambridge's comments.  
3. While reading the essays and comments, complete the DOs and DON'Ts form. 
4.Form completed? Save it as your own name and upload your form on magister (see assignment in magister).

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Formulating your essay question:

Although there are three main kinds of essay questions, only one of them is an actual question with a question mark. 
Cambridge favours this last form, so the good, old question :).
An example: Should religions be involved in governing? 

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An effective essay question
An effective essay question focuses on an issue and identifies a debate.

Example: Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in competitive sport?

Issue: The use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes
Debate: Yes, they should be used (e.g. economic perspective because of...)
                  No  (e.g. ethical perspective, it's not fair because....)

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Be careful of pitfalls
1. Make sure your essay question is really ONE question
2. Make sure your scope is not too narrow (e.g. by adding a country and a
3. Make sure your question is not too broad (e.g. you have a limited amount
    of words)

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GP Weektask for next Friday
Now continue writing your research question, write down different perspectives you'd like to research.  Do so in the next slide. In need of relevant sources? Go to

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My research question is: ....
The perspectives I would like to involve are: .........

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