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 Tuesday 6 February
Decide on what you would like to practise and use your book / CD-ROM
Remember to do diagnostic tests
Recap formal writing for IELTS essay
more lesson

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Common mistakes in essay writing
  • informal language: kids, stuff 
  • contracted forms: don’t – do not 
  • ‘you’-constructions:
 If you make something illegal -> 
 If something is made illegal 

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Common mistakes in essay writing
  • to / too: it will be too late - others may be hurt too 
go to the cinema - to be clear 
  • of / off: switch something off – fall off  
    of course – plenty of time 
  • there / their: there is much violence there (location) 
    they mind their own business (possessive) 

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Common mistakes in essay writing

  • verb tenses (e.g. present simple vs. continuous),
  • word order,
  • incorrect references:
these treatments lets – > these treatments let
fireworks has its problems -> fireworks have their problems

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Common mistakes in essay writing
Linking words:
  • But, And, So, Because 
Don’t use these at the start of your sentences. Instead use cohesive devices from your reader:  However, Moreover, Therefore,  
At last, -> Finally, 
At first, -> First of all, / Firstly, / In the first place, 

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Common mistakes in essay writing

Please remember to start your sentences with a capital letter and end them with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. 

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Erasmus College Zoetermeer
Van Doornenplantsoen 31, Zoetermeer
3 buildings: you need to go to the orange-brown one 
079 - 331 9204

Please wait at reception where you will be welcomed by the school's IELTS co-ordinator
In case of emergency, contact me

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 Timetable Thursday 8 February
12:30 - 13:00
- break
- speaking tests
- tests: listening / reading / writing
8:15 - 8:45
- registration / mug shots

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Please remember 
to bring
your valid ID used for registration,
a transparant water bottle 
plenty to eat
warm + comfi clothes
games etc. to keep you entertained while waiting for your speaking test

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Please remember 
Be on time (2x)
Speak English to each other before the test(s) -> all day!
Make sure you have had enough to eat/drink
Smile for your mug shot :-)


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