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How did you spend New Year's eve?

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Worst experiences 2020

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Best memories 2020

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New Year's Resolutions

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Toekomst aangeven met will

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What will you do in 2021?
(3 sentences starting with I will ....)

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Blue Monday?
New Year is when we make plans to change our life. A professor said: "January 1 is a 'magical' date and a vow made on this day is much more powerful than one made on August 26." Most of our promises to quit, start or change things are usually broken by January 31st. They are usually the same resolutions that were not fulfilled from previous years. People tend to make the same resolutions even though they cannot keep them.

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When are most new year's promises broken?
31st of January
18th of January
End of the year
The next day

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Part 2
Around 45 per cent of us make resolutions. The most common ones are to lose weight, volunteer, quit smoking, save money, and get fit. Others include eating healthier food and drinking less alcohol. Most of us do not stick to these. A study found that 71 per cent of us stick to them for the first two weeks. This goes down to 50 per cent after six months. Most people give up because they lack willpower. They 'escape' by thinking they will 'try again next year'.

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What are the most common resolutions?

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What is the main reason for not sticking to the resolutions?
lack of succes
lack of money
lack of willpower
lack of friends

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What did you think of this lesson
I had some fun
Generally OK
Could be better
I learned something

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Which resolution did you not stick to?

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Make a promise you can keep!

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