English class

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English class

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Today's schedule
Start class
Corona measures
English lessons
Introducing ourselves
2 truths, 1 lie (get-to-know-you game)

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Corona measures
What do you need to know:
- at 1.5m distance
- do not move chairs/tables
- wash your hands
- stay at home when you have mild corona symptoms

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English lessons (1)
When: Monday, 2nd class
What do you need: book, laptop or pen/paper, active work attitude, Teams account
Language: English (uh...duuh), sometimes Dutch
Level: A2/B1 (vmbo TL level)
Exams: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Conversation, Central exam listening/reading. 1st exam after period 1
Contact: Microsoft Teams (English channel -> important information, documents, LessonUp lessons and homework) or email: beunen@deltion.nl 

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English lessons (2)
Class rules: 
- no phones (unless you need it for class), no earbuds
- no coats or hats on
- eating/drinking is allowed, NOT during instructions
- clean tables/seats after last class, junk (empty bottles, packagings etc.) in bin
- permission to leave classroom for toilet (after asking me)
- do not talk when I or someone else is talking (related to English class) 
- treat each other with respect

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Introducing ourselves
Bianca van Eunen-Hummel
English teacher since 2014
Worked at vmbo schools (basis-kader-TL)
At Deltion since dec. 2018
Married, two boys, from Steenwijk
Hobbies: music, travelling, walking, skiing 

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Now it's your turn
Please introduce yourself:

1. Your name
2. How old are you?
3. Where are you from?
4. Where do you work?
5. What was the best thing you did during your holiday?

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What is LessonUp?
Go to LessonUp.com or download LessonUp app
Go to: registreren and register with deltion e-mail and password
Tip: write down your password

Enter the code: dgbdw
Lessons are shared with you, you can find them here (and in Teams)

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Two truths, one lie
Think of two things that are true about you and one lie
Write the 3 comments in the following slide
We will discuss it in 3 minutes

e.g. About your teacher:
1. I was born in Leidschendam
2. I have 3 children
3. I have one brother

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Two truths, one lie

Slide 10 - Open vraag

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