Lesson 3: Past tense

What's the kindest thing you've ever done?

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What's the kindest thing you've ever done?

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  • Warming up : irregular verbs 
  • Grammar: past tense 
  • Where were you? 

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What happened?
On the next slide you will see a picture. 
First, take one minute to write down as many words that have something to do with that picture (yes, you can work together with a partner).
Next, you have to talk about that picture for one minute. 

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Evaluate: were you able to speak for one minute?
If not, what do you need to be able to fulfill the assignment?

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How to do this? 
1. Describe what you see, name colours, objects, people, movement etc.
2. Use words to indicate direction: on the top left/right, at the bottom left/right, in the middle/centre, 
3. Stuck? Talk about your opinion/experience/impression of the subject given. 
4. Think about the correct tenses! 

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Verleden tijd/ Past simple

Slide 9 - Woordweb

Past simple: 
  • Gebruik je voor zaken die in het verleden zijn gebeurd.
  • Regelmatige werkwoorden krijgen: -ed 
  • Bij ontkenningen gebruik je meestal: didn’t
  • Bij vragen gebruik je meestal: did
  • onregelmatige werkwoorden hebben allemaal een eigen verleden tijd.

  1. I walked to school yesterday
  2. You didn’t tell the truth.
  3. Did she look the other way?
  4. Give He gave me some money.
  5. See I saw a great film last week.

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Work it: write down and submit on the next page. 
1. This morning it ______ outside. (snow)
2. Her parents ______ a new chair. (buy) 
3. Tom ______ the answers to all the questions. (know)
4. She looked at me, but ______ a word. (not say)
5. ______ you ______ what I saw? (see) 
6. Real Madrid ______ the Champions League in 2002. (win) 
7. We ______ the songs. The music was too loud. (not hear) 

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Submit your answers

Slide 12 - Open vraag

1. Snowed
2. Bought
3. Knew
4. Didn't say
5. Saw
6. Won
7. Didn't hear

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Any questions?

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Where were you..
You are going to choose three topics to talk about. Make sure it becomes a clear and structured speech. Use the linking words from previous lesson! 

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Last summer
When you heard that the Queen died.
When you rode your first bicycle.
When you had a memorable encounter with a child.
Last weekend
When you drank your first alcoholic beverage.
When you ate your first pizza.
You last worked out
On your last birthday
At New Year's eve 2022
When you first met Marit
You heard that you graduated secondary school.

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Today's goal was to practice our speaking, to work on our vocabulary and recap grammar past simple. Did we succeed? 

Tip: grammar past tense practice (next page)

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Feedback on today's class:

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