The Social Dilemma - Netflix documentaire

The Social Dilemma
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The Social Dilemma

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Describe the term 'dilemma':

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The Social Dilemma is about:

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What is Silicon Valley?
A place where everyone gets silicone injections.
A region where many technology companies are located.
A company that conducts technical research into silicones.
A place you move to when you're addicted to gaming.

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Which social platforms do you use in your own daily life?

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Why does Google's answer differ from person to person?

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Social media makes children feel more depressed. Is this true or is this false? What do you think?

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What are the disadvantages of social media according to you?

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What could be the main purpose of the people who made this documentary?

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Watch the documentary and answer the other questions. 

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The Social Dilemma

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