22/11 The Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

Atomic Structure
Topic 5 Atoms, Elements, Compounds 
22 November 2023
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ChemistrySecondary EducationAge 12,13

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Atomic Structure
Topic 5 Atoms, Elements, Compounds 
22 November 2023

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  •  State that:
  • (a) Group VIII noble gases have a full outer shell
  • (b) the number of outer shell electrons is equal to the group number in Groups I to VII
  • (c) the number of occupied electron shells is equal to the period number
  • Define isotopes as different atoms of the same element that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons
My Goals Today:

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  • Interpret and use symbols for atoms, e.g. 162C, and ions, e.g. 3517Cl 
  • State that isotopes of the same element have the same chemical properties because they have the same number of electrons and therefore the same electronic configuration
My Goals Today:

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Atom (Neutral: 0)
  • when P = E

Ion (Charged: +/-)
  • when P is NOT EQUAL to E
Atom vs. Ion

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Question 1: Do elements of Group VIII (8) have full outer shells?

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Question 2: Is the number of outer shell electrons equal to the group number?

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Question 3: Is the number of shells equal to the period number?

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Question 4:  What is an isotope?
Question 5:  How do you write it in symbols?

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Question 6:  Do isotopes have the same chemical properties?
Question 7:  Do isotopes have the same physical properties?

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Type two things you learned today.

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