Currins 849 Chapter 12 PD

Chapter 12
Moving the Field Forward as Leaders and Literacy Advocates
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Chapter 12
Moving the Field Forward as Leaders and Literacy Advocates

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By the end of this PD, you will:

  • Be aware of literacy organizations and affiliations you can become apart of
  • Have a better understanding of the grant writing process
  • Know your role as a specialist to be a literacy advocate
  • Know the important of family literacy and its connection to a child's development

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Literacy Organizations and Affiliations
"Today's specialized literacy professionals must, by necessity, form affiliations with networks of professionals and agencies that support the increased demands of the job. Instead of being able to answer all the questions--an impossible task--the reading specialist and/or literacy coach must know how to locate information and contact individuals with specialized expertise." (Shearer, Carr, & Vogt, 2019).

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Which of the three 3 organizations did you choose to explore? What about it appeals to you?

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How familiar or experienced are you with grant writing?

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Grant Writing
Connie Erickson: School and District Grant Writing

  1. Determine Your Outcomes
  2. Begin with Data and End with Data
  3. Do Your Homework
  4. Gather District Support for the Project

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More Grant Resources

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Being an Advocate
  • Responsibility to voice opinions and concerns in regards to reading materials, curriculum, research and implementation to better classrom practices
  • Assisting teachers with classroom research
  • Educators on the Frontline: Advocacy Strategies for Your  Classroom, Your School and Your Profession

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To be an effective advocate, consider the following:
  • Choose issues with receptive audiences to have the best impact at creating change
  • Know the issues, research and expert opinions on the topic
  • Be informed on the other sides argument and data
  • Use your resources to network and build a stronger force

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Literacy Advocacy Is Needed...

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Adult and Family Literacy
  • Increasing need in professional development and quality adult literacy programs 
  • Academic gains are greater in children when parents are trained in how to engage in books with their child
  • National Center for Families Learning (NCFL)

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Your Feedback Is Needed!
Please use the link below to take the google form survey, your feedback is appreciated!

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