Esio Trot - Lesson 3

Lesson 3 and onwards
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Lesson 3 and onwards

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Pages 16 - 26
Vocabulary: bewildered (18)
quivering (20)

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Explain how Mr Hoppy chose the tortoises.
Predict what Mr Hoppy is planning to do with all the tortoises.
Do you think his plan will work?

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pages 26 -36
vocabulary:  basking

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What had Mr Hoppy's job been before he retired? 
How did Mrs Silver's schedule help with Mr Hoppy's plan?
Describe Mr Hoppy's process for picking tortoise #2. Do you think it will work? 
Why or Why not? 

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pages 36 -42
Vocabulary: Foliage

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Is Mr Hoppy's plan working so far? How do you know?
Why hasn't Mr Silver noticed the tortoise's growth so far. Why is this similar to when children grow?

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pages 42 -52
vocabulary: halt (42)
Enlarge (44)

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Why does Mrs Silver finally notice that the tortoise has grown larger. What problem does she have now?
Describe Mrs Silver's reaction. How does she feel? Give evidence.
Predict what will happen between Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver, based on her actions.

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pages 52 - 56
vocabulary: embraced (52)
reckons (56)

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How does Mrs Silver react to Mr Hoppy's marriage proposal?
What happened to the origional Alfie? Be specific.

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