Japanese Internment Camps

Visit untold stories of Japanese Internment Camps

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Social Studies6th Grade

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Visit untold stories of Japanese Internment Camps

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Let's Review: Pearl Harbor

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Goal: Understand that Japanese internment camps existed during WWII 

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Have you ever heard of Japanese interment camps before?

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What is one new thing you learned?

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Internment/ internación

being confined as a prisoner

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Slide 8 - Woordweb

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This is a newspaper article from 1942.

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Why would the government use the word "interment" instead of imprisonment or prison camps?

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If you lived in this time period, how would this effect you, your family or your friends?

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What connections can you make to this article and other parts of the war or other times in history. 

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Reflect on this padlet (teachers make a copy please!)

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