Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron 
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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Harrison Bergeron 
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Harrison Bergeron 


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How do you define

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What will society be
like in 2081?

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Harrison Bergeron 
Literature reader pp. 16-21

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Are the citizens of the United States in 2081 (setting of H.B.) truly "equal"?

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How about citizens today?

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Did Harrison's rebellion
accomplish anything?

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Why was Harrison able to break the basic laws of gravity after freeing himself from handicaps?

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Why aren't George and Hazel more affected by what they see happening to their son on TV?

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What kind of atmosphere does Vonnegut's plain language and dry tone evoke?
science fiction

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Which character has totally succumbed to government manipulation, believing that if things change, society would fall apart?

Hazel Bergeron
Diana Moon Glampers
George Bergeron
the unnamed cello player who just wants to be a duke

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If Harrison were allowed to declare himself Emperor, how do you think he would have changed society? Would it have been better, worse, or the same? Support your claim with evidence from the story.

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