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KWIZL: ET_Y2_4.1

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§4.2 Speed

p. 162-165
ex 12-21 p 166-171

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§4.2 - Learning Goals:
  • I can describe the concept of speed and understand which measurements and units are necessary to calculate it.
  • I can calculate the speed (or distance or time) of an object using the speed formula.
  • I can convert speed between the units of m/s and km/h.   
  • I can create and interpret s,t-diagrams relating to an object’s motion. 


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§4.2 - Keywords:
  • Speed
  • s,t-diagram


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The speed (velocity) of an object tells us how far something moves in a given amount of time. It is calculated with this formula:

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Calculating time & distance:
If you know the speed (v) you can also calculate the time (t) or distance (s) with these formulas

  • s = v ᐧ t (distance = speed * time)

  • t = s/v (time = distance/speed)


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calculated in m/s or km/h.

make sure that your measurements are either: 
meters and seconds
kilometers and hours


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Converting units:
It is often useful to convert from m/s ↔ km/h
This can be done by either multiplying or dividing by 3.6


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Tom rides his bike to school. Look at the graph from point A until he arrives at school.
What is his average speed in km/h?
And in m/s?

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A sprinter runs a 200 m race with a speed of 9.3 m/s. How long did it take her?

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Graphing changes in motion:
A graph is an easy way to show an objects changing motion over time. Take a look at the example below:


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Hw for lesson 2:
  • Complete exercises 12-21 of §4.2 pages 166-171
  • Read §4.3 pages 172-175
  • Study the glossaries of §4.1-§4.3 on Studygo.

  • Entry ticket §4.1 & §4.2
  • hw check exercises: §4.1, §4.2 & forces worksheet (3 stickers)

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