Future and Irregular verbs

The future
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The future

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Lesson Plan 
- Grammar: Future
-  Repetition of IRREGULAR VERBS

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WALL-E is going to visit the Earth tonight. 
He is going to buy a new spaceship.
He will probably win the price.
The lesson will start in a few minutes. 

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The future
You can indicate the future in 2 different ways:
  • am - are - is + going to + verb (to be)
  • I am going to run tonight. 
  • will + verb 
  • I will go to Africa someday.


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Going to
  • Someone is planning something in the future:
       I am going to buy a new spaceship.
       He is going to Utopia in 2020. 
       They are going to buy a new robot tomorrow.
       We are going to watch WALL-E tonight.  

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Going to
  • You make a prediction with evidence:
Look at those clouds! It is going to rain.
I had all my answers wrong. I am going to fail the test.

Wall-E is not going to Earth, his batteries are empty.
Are you going to Utopia today?

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1: am-are-is
2: going to
3: verb 
Negattive sentences: 'not' you put before 'going to
Question sentences: am-are-is + person + going to + ? 

1.  It (rain) _____________________________
2. They (eat) __________________________ bread. 
3. WALL-E (not/share) _____________________ his spaceship. 
4. (cook/you) _____________________ dinner?

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  • To offer something, promises, announcements, decisions
She will not buy a new robot. 
The race will start in a few minutes.
You will always be my best friend says WALL-E to EVE. 

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  • You make a prediction without proof.
I think we will win the lottery tomorrow.
They will not be here on time.
You will win the first prize. 
She will visit Autopia someday.

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 1: will + verb
negative: "not" you put after 'will'. You may also write "won't" down.
questions: "will" is at the front of the sentence BUT with I & we
you use shall
1. You (earn) _________________ a lot of money.
2. Where (we/meet) _______________?
3. We (not/ give up) ________________.
4. I think we (win) _____________ the match tomorrow. 

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