Tuesday L.A. Lesson: diphthong /ou/ /ow/ & verbs in the past (-ed)

Diphthong ou & ow
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English2nd Grade

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Diphthong ou & ow

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Song Activity: Sing the song on the next two slides to the music of 
"The Farmer in the Dell" to help learn the diphthong ou & ow.
Click here to for the music to sing along with.  

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Practice your phonics and spelling skills by unscrambling the ow and ou words on the next two pages.  

Directions:  Unscramble the letters to make the word to match the picture.
Write the answers in your notebook.

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Game Directions: Build ow & ou words by clicking here and playing one of the spelling games below!

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Verbs in the past
Suffix:   - ed 

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Click here to play spelling games using the word list: Suffix -ed
  • Easter spelling game Egg Hunt: Crack the eggs!
  • Word Search 
  • Bouncing Anagram spelling game: A lively anagram spelling game.
  • Spelling 'against the clock'

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For extra practice with past and present tense play the game on the next slide.

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Play "Walk The Plank" to practice your present and past tense skills!

click here for the game
Good Luck Matey!

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