Lesson 1 week 2: introduction

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In deze les zitten 13 slides, met interactieve quiz en tekstslides.

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may my attitude
and all that I think and do
always be based on
a spirit of love and care,

so that I may make a difference
in my own part of the world
by treating people as individuals

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Form a line
Who had to leave the earliest this morning?

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Group 1: Stays in B2.06
Group 2: Go to B2.02 please.

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Introduce yourself
  1. What did you do in your Summer holiday?
  2. What is your favorite song?
  3. What food do you like the most?
  4. What is your favorite hobby?

Prepare all the questions (three sentences)
Write down (paper or mobile phone)


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Introduce yourself

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Road to Success

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Grades per period
Two grades
1 = GPS assignment with lowest percentage
2 = Teams assignments (rubric in Teams)

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First assignment
In Teams assignments
Finish intake test (20 minutes)
Based on this result own Road to Success!

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In Teams assignments
One-minute speech about you:
  • name, 
  • age, 
  • hometown + family, 
  • hobbies 
  • and your goal for English this year (expected grade).

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Finish within two days!
Then you can start working on your own level next lesson.
If not, you'll be swimming the Pacific Ocean.

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Last but not least
1. Question? Find answer in FAQ in Teams.
2. Last option: send a chat to one of us.

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What did you think of this first lesson?

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